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Pure is not a restful state, it is a bold and aggressive goal. As Entegris passed it’s fiftieth year milestone we helped them embark on the pursuit of pure. Shifting their brand position, refreshing their communication channels, and empowering them with eCommerce to deal directly with their customers. We laid the foundation to position Entegris as a leader in their industries. Showing their focus on developing overall purity of product, process, and partnership.


Entegris is a global B2B company spanning many industries. They have enabled manufacturers to make smaller and faster microchips, eliminate costly passivation steps in drug manufacturing, and even improve thermodynamic efficiency in aircraft engines.


A shift in brand position

Guiding Entegris through a brand evaluation, we helped reimagine their brand values, tone of voice, tagline, color palette, photography and design system.

Interaction Design Concept

To be developed across all breakpoints. As well as integration into Adobe Experience Manager and SAP Hybris.

Consolodating a complex business into a single experience
  • Streamlined Taxonomy
  • eCommerce Catalog
  • Responsive Design
  • Content Authoring Considerations for over 80 templates and 277 designs
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