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We ushered ShopRite into a new era giving them the reigns to a best-in-class Grocery Shopping Application. It is re-imagined to combine the power of four of their existing apps into one. Giving users the ability shop how and where they want and the tools to do it. The app is being brought in market alongside their current application, not replacing it. As such soft launch campaign materials were needed. We helped them structure time released communications for their consumer touch points and created App Store/Play Store content to help users understand what's new and so niiiiice about the new app.


ShopRite has been the largest retailer of food in New Jersey for the past twenty years.

Introducing the new ShopRite App

A digital spot created for the soft launch of the new ShopRite App.

SR_App Features.jpg
App Interactions Demo

Being developed across iOS and Android. Other third party integrations support content and checkout.

Shop Your Way

Build one list for:

  • Curbside pickup
  • Home delivery
  • In-store shopping
Soft Launch Campaign Collateral & App Screens
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